Welcome to Lundtek

Lundtek was founded in 1993, and since the start has been based on our unique handball resin and our unique rinsing product for removing resin again.
My goal when I started the firm was to develop a non-allergenic resin, and not least, to develop a good, sustainable solution for removing the resin again, from the playing surface, hands and balls: a responsible use of resin.
Select has been a good, loyal working partner for 15 years. You know the resin as Profcare resin. Concurrently, we have had our own brand of resin, namely Dip’n Grip, but in 2015 we chose to delegate resin sales to Select.
You know our rinsing product as Dip’n Clean, which comprises a floor cleaner, post cleaner, hand cleaner and ball cleaner.

You are most welcome to contact me or one of my dedicated employees.
Henrik Lund