Dip’n Clean Floor Cleaner

dip-n-clean-gulvrensDip’n Clean Floor Cleaner is the only product on the market specially designed to remove Profcare from playing surfaces.
Many resin removers leave floors too slippery, or too sticky, since they do not remove all of the resin, but instead spread it out in a thin layer. Dip’n Clean leaves a completely clean floor.

Gym and arena floors become sticky and dangerous to play on if they are not completely cleaned. Improperly cleaned floors are a nuisance for the other sports that take place in the facility.

Instructions for use
Shake well before use.
A normal power floor washer can be used with Dip’n Clean and water. Works best with warm water (preferably 30-40 ºC).

1 liter Dip’n Clean to 30 liters water.