Select Sport A/S has collaborated closely with Lundtek for 15 years on the production and sales of Profcare resin for the international handball market.

The partnership is now intensified, as Select Sport A/S is becoming the sole distributor of resin manufactured by Lundtek.


This means that Lundtek is stopping production of their own Dip’n Grip brand, and will from now on exclusively produce Profcare resin, which has been the choice of most top-level players for many years.


The partnership gives Lundtek the possibility to focus even more on the Dip’n Clean product, which is used to clean resin from playing surfaces. Profcare resin and Dip’n Clean have been developed to compliment one another in the best possible way, and this is the pairing that both companies will aim to take advantage of in the future, for an even stronger profile among both handball players and facility inspectors.